My 10 Favourite iPhone Apps that you’ve never heard of

In no particular order:

Cocktails – The typography and design of this drinks app are gorgeous. I especially like the way the page colour reflects the recipe age

iSSH – For anyone who manages remote servers, this SSH client is an essential download

PuzzleManiak – 15 great puzzles in one affordable package. Loopy is my personal favourite

Shufflepuck – Great presentation, and the skill level is set just right. Better than any of the bowling games I’ve played

Wings – While nowhere near as sophisticated as X-Plane, I just love the chilled atmosphere of Wings. Reminds me of Pilotwings 64

Zone WarriorElite, meets X-Wing, meets the iPhone

Darkness – Best of the sunrise and sunset apps that I’ve tried

Locly – Good local information, but I especially like the local Twitters

GeoPedia – For some reason, this has much more comprehensive coverage than the other geographic Wikipedia apps (at least where I live)

iLaugh – I know it’s only a front end to a website, but this is very well executed, and sometimes it’s just nice to have funny stories or jokes available at one click

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