My 10 Favourite Popular iPhone Apps

You’ve probably heard of these, but they’ve taken up longterm residence on my iPhone 3G. In no particular order:

Google Earth – No explanation should be needed. It’s as near to the desktop version as you could reasonably expect

Twitterific – It’s free and it does Twitter beautifully

Camerabag – Turn the poor quality iPhone camera into an arty camera. I especially like the 1962 filter

Gazette – The best Google Reader app I have tried. Currently prefer it over Byline, as Gazette allows for browsing of individual feeds

MotionX Poker – This simple poker dice game is executed absolutely perfectly. A great app to demo the iPhone, and it has an addictive one more go quality

Galcon – Super fast real time strategy game. The videos out there don’t do it justice, it must be played to be appreciated

ToppleBoom Blox in reverse. Needs no further recommendation

eBay – eBay has a horrid website design. This app is cleaner and more focused than the parent website

Wikipanion – Just edges Kiwi as my favourite Wikipedia reader

FizzWeather – Beautiful and detailed weather app with good UK coverage

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