Live on Twitter

I can’t seem to manage short blog postings (at least about personal stuff), so they’ve become pretty rare beasts.

And neither am I the joining type. If I can live without an account, so much the better. That’s partly why is so open. I’m happy to say that I don’t have accounts on MySpace, Facebook, or the New York Times.

But Twitter has tempted me. Doubtless the posts will slow once the initial enthusiasm wears off, but nonetheless, let’s give it ago.

You can follow me as distantparts on twitter, and I’ve also added a widget of my most recent twitters to this blog.

2 thoughts on “Live on Twitter

  1. Steven Post author


    Much less effort than blogging, so hopefully the posts will be more frequent.

    The nearest thing to commenting on my posts is to get your own Twitter account, and use the @ reply feature.

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