Members Area Tweaks

Following a suggestion from a regular user of the Members Area, I’ve added two optional features, which can be activated using the “Update your details” page in the Members Area:

  • Show full review details, including numerical ratings? – This changes the default presentation of reviews in the Members Area to a more detailed view, with all the review details displayed, rather than the default cut down details that are usually shown.
  • Post text feedback to the site moderator? – Enabling this option allows for members to post feedback or concerns about particular reviews and comments, which will be read by the site moderator (that’s me –

6 thoughts on “ Members Area Tweaks

  1. Andrew

    yawn yawn yawn, when are you going to get your informed views on life back? and being ‘busy’ isnt an excuse 🙂

  2. Josh

    One year later, I really feel that the quality of the surveys and comments on the site have really been stepped up. Since now you now EXACTLY how we [the members] feel about a review, you can make it more appropriate, better, etc.

    I don’t give out a lot of “4s” on reviews, but the good ones are coming up more frequently. I also don’t give a lot of “1s” unless the review is offensive, too short, or tells us nothing.

    I guess what I’m saying is this: Thanks, Steven!

  3. Steven Post author

    Thanks Josh,

    I appreciate the feedback, and the ratings and comments from the members are very helpful (thanks for the suggestion). They often prompt me to pay special attention to certain reviews, and where I can, I fix problems, like otherwise good reviews being written entirely in uppercase.

    I’m not short of ideas (just time), so expect more of the same over the next few years. I want to continue to improve in terms of usability, review quality and speed.

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