is having problems

The webserver started having problems earlier today; it was frequently rebooting itself for no obvious reason.

I’ve raised a trouble ticket with hosting company, and while I’m waiting for them to investigate the problem, I’ve managed to disabled the posting of new reviews and comments, and the members area, so at least no one can waste their time posting to an unstable server.

As soon as I realised that the server wasn’t well, I grabbed a backup of the database (my last known good backup was several days old), and I’ve been able to restore this new backup onto my developement server (not publicly accessible), so if the problem turns out to be serious, very little data will be lost.

Annoying that these things always happen at a really inconvenient time. I fancied a night in front of the TV with a cold glass of white wine, but instead I’ve got a night in front of the computer with as many caffeinated beverages as I can stomach 🙁

Anyway, apologies for the downtime, and hopefully things will be back up soon. Once things are back up, I’ll probably leave keep review and comment posting turned off for a while, just to make sure things are stable.

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