I’m becoming addicted to eBay

Not in a serious way, but I’m finding it very easy to buy some of the best PS2, Xbox and Gamecube games that I missed out on when they were released. It’s difficult to resist when really highly rated games can be picked up for £6-8 inc delivery. I must stop though, as I doubt I’ll ever find the time to play through the games properly.

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (PS2), Outrun 2006 (PS2), and Crimson Skies (Xbox) are my most recent purchases. Now I just need to find a cheap copy of Burnout 2 on the Gamecube.

3 thoughts on “I’m becoming addicted to eBay

  1. Steven Post author

    You’re probably right. Thankfully I don’t know QVC’s channel number on Sky, so hopefully I’ll never stumble across it 🙂

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