The Gadget Show

Just a quick note about The Gadget Show on Channel 5 here in the UK. I’d always avoided it, as techie TV programmes usually end up being complete rubbish. Recently however, I somehow ended up watching The Gadget Show, and I have to say that I quite enjoyed it. The presenters were up-to-date and were giving out genuinely useful advice. It was also refreshing that the prices displayed were realistic Internet prices, rather than irrelevant manufacturer prices.

4 thoughts on “The Gadget Show

  1. ichilton

    Yeah, agreed – i’ve watched the Gadget Show for a few series – some of it can be a bit boring but some things they do/say are really interesting and as you say, the prices they quote seem to be competitive prices.

  2. Stephen

    Some interesting articles on their site – I’m looking at their Free WiFi campaign now. I wonder which of the ‘big coffee chains’ is considering giving out free WiFi?

  3. Steven Post author

    WiFi should definitely be free in restaurants and bars. It’s so cheap to offer and so useful. I can appreciate why adding WiFi to a whole hotel or a train is expensive enough that you want to charge for it, but WiFi in a bar or restaurant only needs one ADSL line and a cheap router.

    Linking into what Ian (ichilton) said, the presenters seem to know what they’re doing. To demonstrate the free WiFi idea, one of the presenters put a wireless router in a rucksack, connected to a 12v battery and a 3G data card, thus creating a mobile WiFi hotspot. I was suitably impressed.

  4. ichilton

    YES! – free Wifi would be great but it seems to have turned into another excuse to make money in this country. Most hotels have Wifi now but it’s always payable like BTOpenZone – even though you’ve paid however much for the hotel room to be there.

    They seem to have a better idea in the US – when I was there a few years ago now, there was free Wifi in the lobby of our hotel in New York – I did without when we were in Orlando but then had my own cable modem in our room in Sarasota.

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