Fifth Gear

Watched the first episode of the new series of Fifth Gear last night.

What a load of rubbish…

No Jason Plato (Jason and Tom Ford were the only decent reviewers), new incredibly annoying presenter Tim Lovejoy, rubbish banter from the presenters, and lots of sub-Top Gear stunts – Wreck my ride, racing a plane and a radio control car.

Tom Ford’s review of the Ferrari 599 at the end of the last series was great. More of that please, and less of the nonsense we had last night. I’m a total petrolhead, yet I fast forwarded through about half of last night’s programme… 🙁

7 thoughts on “Fifth Gear

  1. Mark McCluskey

    Couldn’t agree more, I ended up doing the same thing with Sky+. I liked it when Fifth Gear took over where the old style Top Gear left off. It was simply an audio visual version of a quality car magazine, with reviews of cars I could aspire to one day.

    Now it seemed at x30 speed to be a cross between current Top Gear’s ditched ideas, and Pimp My Ride….

  2. Steven Post author

    Mark, I suspect they’re trying to broaden their audience using celebrities and stunts, which to be fair has worked Top Gear. But they’ve taken things far too far, and if that’s not bad enough, their execution was truly awful.

    If they lose their core audience such as you and I, they’ll be in deep trouble.

  3. Leg

    These comments are so true!!!!! I am sooooooo disapointed with the new series, it is pure and simply rubbish. And who the hell is Tim lovejoy (the annoying Prick). and whats with all this pre scripted banter?
    Having the studio in a cafe was also a bad idea because there is a constant hum in the back ground which gave me a head ache and was quite annoying!!!
    I hope they axe this crap.

    Bring back Jason and the old format!!!!!!

  4. Jason

    Another terrible show. even my Children hit the mute buttom when Tim (I know nothing about cars) says his piece. Looked for 5’s feedback could not find it. Dont think I can watch another show. Their ratings must be diving. Yes please please bring back the old format!!!!!!!

  5. Toby B

    Agree with all except the remark that the celebrity stunt format worked for Top Gear – I don’t agree – it ruined Top Gear. Hammond saved it from being a total turn off.

    Fifth Gear used to be the best. Now it has taken the worst of Top Gear. Chasing ratings is how American TV became such drivel. The BBC only allow Top Gear to be so unbearable because Clarkson is a diva and controls production.

    They show £200k cars and talk to us like we own Mark I Escorts. If ever they come across an point of technology and engineering they think it is nerdy or boring to explain it. How wrong they are – it is what we want to find out about. Something intelligent.

    Get rid of VBH – annoying laugh and sycophantic Tiff arse-kisser
    Someone shut that 1990’s Lovejoy up with his stiff banter
    More Tom Ford. More Jason Plato. More Tiff.

    What is wrong with well written, well photographed mortoring magazine show with quality presentation?


  6. Steven Post author


    I just fast forward past anything with Tim in now. Only the Mini and Tiff in the Gallardo were really worth watching in the most recent episode. To be fair, the new guy (from Max Power I think) was OK as filler material. Much better than anything involving Vicky or Tim. And at least Jason is back, so maybe something that could be salvaged.

    All the feedback I’ve seen has been very negative, so I’m sure the producers must be aware of the problem.

  7. Steven Post author


    I agree that all the celebrity stuff on Top Gear is a turn off, but I do think that it has helped them enlarge their audience beyond petrolheads. My mum happily watches Top Gear, even though she has zero interest in cars.

    I totally agree with your prescription. More of Tom, Jason and Tiff would be the right way to go. If they want to hang onto Vicky, get her doing group tests, as on the odd occasion that they’ve done that, it’s worked out quite well.

    Basically they should take Autocar magazine and put it on TV. That would get them a reasonably sized and very loyal audience, who would be very valuable to advertisers.

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