Spotted a BMW 335d this morning

Did a bit of a double take this morning when I spotted a parked grey BMW 335d Coupe on my way to the post box. They’re not available yet as far as I’m aware, so I’m assuming this must have been a BMW demonstration or press car.

Rather impressed with new 3 Series Coupe in the flesh. It’s much better looking than the 3 Series Saloon.

I’m hanging onto my Golf GTI for at least another two years or so, but a 12 month old fully loaded BMW 335d is my most likely next car in 2-3 years time (I occasionally dream about buying a black BMW M6, but a 335d is far easier to afford and justify in the real world). Not sure if I’d go for the Coupe, or whether my practical side would push me towards a Touring 3 Series instead…

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