Update on the Spelling and Grammar changes

Over the last nine days, 176 approved visitor edits have been made to Carsurvey.org.

There have been a small number of malicious edit attempts, as I expected, but overall I’m very happy with how well things are working out. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to use this new feature.

I’ve just made a number of small changes to this functionality, to make things work even better:

  • The “Fix spelling and grammar” link is replaced with an “Edit awaiting approval” statement when an edit has been submitted, but not approved. This is intended to provide feedback on where edits have been received
  • The “Thanks for improving the spelling and grammar” page you see when you finishing making an edit, now has a link that takes you back to the original review or comment

The next step is to add this functionality to the Members Area, so that spelling and grammar errors can be corrected before the reviews and comments are even published.

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