Spelling and Grammar on Carsurvey.org

Whenever I see spelling or grammatical errors in a piece of writing, I find it rather uncomfortable to read. The same is true for writing that is not broken up into reasonably sized sentences and paragraphs.

To date, I’ve tried to help contributors to Carsurvey.org by providing some advice during the submission process, and spell checking of any contributions before they’re submitted.

I also do quite a lot of manual editing, to fix spelling and grammar errors that I personally notice. This unfortunately is limited by a problem that I like to describe as “Steven doesn’t scale”. There’s only so much time in the day that I can spend doing that sort of work.

I’ve now added a new feature to the site (inspired by the Wikipedia). Now anyone can edit a review or comment on the site (using “Fix the spelling and grammar of this review/comment” links), and then I get check out the changes they’ve made. Reviewing these changes will be much faster than actually making them myself.

Changes to spelling and grammar are what I’m looking for, but sensibly breaking up long sentences and paragraphs is also encouraged. Anything that changes the review or comment in other ways (additions or deletions for example) will be rejected. Adding a comment or submitting a deletion request are the appropriate tools to use in those situations.

Thanks in advance, to anyone who uses this feature to improve the quality of the site.

2 thoughts on “Spelling and Grammar on Carsurvey.org

  1. Andrew

    Were the spelling and grammatical mistakes in this piece deliberately ironic, or do you just not practice what you preach 🙂

  2. Steven Post author


    I checked my post carefully before publishing it, but since I was probably pretty tired from writing and deploying lots of code, several genuine mistakes slipped through.

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