Alter Ego

I recently read an article about this C64 game from 1986 in Edge Magazine (issue 158). It’s basically a life simulator (a little like “The Sims” I guess), but it was developed by a psychology graduate student, based on research he did with hundreds of people. You play a life though from beginning to end, facing lots of social and moral choices. It’s rather like one of those choose your own story books that were popular twenty years ago, but without the dragons.

There’s now a web based port of this game available, so having found the Edge article intriguing, I played through a game. This took just over an hour, and was a very strange (and slightly unsettling) experience. Not sure I learnt anything profound (except that playing baseball while in old age is a BAD IDEA), but I thoroughly recommend the experience.

Warning: The content of the game isn’t completely work safe, so it’s probably best experienced at home.

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