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The site is back, no significant data loss, but I have a few things to tidy up after a good night’s sleep (I’ve been occupied with this for 17 hours). I’ll also enable new reviews and comments again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “ back in readonly mode

  1. Will @ i Benz

    Hi steven, I was just wondering if my mercedes benz car auction site ( could be added to the external links under “Mercedes Benz” on Car survey has been invaluable to me and helped me through buying my last 2 cars – props to you 🙂


  2. Steven Post author

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Unfortunately I’m not able to add a link to your site on Those free external links are used very sparingly for sites that might help people with questions that they can’t find answers to on For sales sites that want to promote themselves, it’s possible to purchase advertising on the site.

    Steven Jackson
    CSDO Media Limited

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