5 thoughts on “Carsurvey.org featured on Google’s AdSense Blog

  1. Steven Post author

    Thanks Gary.

    The Feedburner stats on the AdSense blog say that the blog has over 18,000 readers through RSS, so hopefully that article should get Carsurvey.org some new visitors, and maybe even some new advertisers.

    Over the last three days, the traffic has been about 5-10% up over what I’d usually expect, so I suspect that will due to the blog post.

  2. Gary

    I like the idea of Google talking about you getting ‘good adsense returns’ actually giving you more ‘adsense returns’ 🙂

  3. Andrew

    yawn yawn, no updates for almost 2 months, Damien and I are sat here missing your nougats of wisdom

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