Queue Lengths

I’ve just made the decision to increase the maximum queue lengths in the Members Area. The reviews queue can now hold 75 reviews (up from 50), and the comments queue can now hold 250 comments (up from 150). is really busy at the moment, which is fantastic news, but it’s making enormous demands on my time. Normally the Members Area can cope with approving most of the reviews and comments, but the Members Area activity is low at the moment (probably because it’s Summer), and I’m having to personally cover the gap between what the Members can do, and the large number of comments and reviews currently being submitted.

In order to stop things blocking up, and to allow me to sleep, and fulfill a few personal obligations (basically a Perfect Storm of social events), I’ve increased the queue lengths, so the site can manage about 2 days with only minimal attention, without having to block the addition of new reviews and comments.

I still aim to get most reviews and comments approved within 24 hours, but occasionally (this coming weekend for example), it may have to slip to 48 hours, as there’s only so much I can do in snatched moments with my N800.

Apologies for this, and hopefully it will be a very infrequent occurrence.

4 thoughts on “ Queue Lengths

  1. Andrew

    Have you lost interest in writing your blog.

    I thought there would at least be some opinions on world championship darts now!

  2. Steven Post author

    No, it’s just that I’ve been very busy recently. By the time I’m finished with work and other commitments, I’m usually not up for writing an hour blog entry.

    I do have quite a few things bubbling under to write about, but none of them are quite finished yet. Hopefully there will be several meaty posts within a couple of weeks.

    Quick preview of things to come: a new server for, why windows product activation sucks, upgrading a Mac mini to a Core 2 Duo, VMware Fusion

  3. Steven Post author

    Thanks Don,

    Helping out in the members area makes an enormous difference to the site and my workload.

    As this post suggests, on a busy day with a quiet members area, I can spend almost the whole day approving and editing reviews. This isn’t helped by the fact that I tend to spend lots of time fixing typos that I wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of.

    However, when the members area is busy, I can spend most of the day improving the code behind the site, and writing new features.

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