Random things I like

Smints: Annoying, these are becoming very difficult to find in the shops. Forced to order from the Internet, I had 48 boxes arrive this morning (free delivery if purchased in bulk)

Diet Coke with Lime: Much more pleasant than Cherry or Lemon Coke. Unfortunately it no longer seems to be sold in the UK 🙁

Techmeme: I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s now pretty much the first site I check every morning. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Mini-Techmeme is also high up the bookmarks list on my N95

Forza Motorsport 2: Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, rock solid 60 frames per second, 720p, surround sound, the Nordschleife, Xbox 360 control pad, and traction control and stability control turned off. This is the best racing game ever made

MotoGP: I know F1 is supposed to be getting better, but I watched the F1 race from Indianapolis, and whilst entertaining, it wasn’t a patch on MotoGP. And this is from someone who runs a car website, and has never even ridden a motorbike

Colin McRae: DiRT: The best rally game for years. Not quite up to the standard of Forza 2, but it’s still brilliant fun. Can’t wait to unlock the full Pike’s Peak event, so I can have a go at replicating Climb Dance

Horslips – Dearg Doom: 70s Folk Prog genius. The silver gloves are a great touch…

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