High Quality DRM-free tracks from iTunes

Apple and EMI = Wonderful

No need to keep buying CDs, ripping them to high bit-rate MP3, and then having to store the now redundant CD somewhere.

2 thoughts on “High Quality DRM-free tracks from iTunes

  1. Stephen

    It’s great isn’t it? When’s the last time you heard such a consumer-friendly announcement?

    High bit-rate tracks, DRM-free, only 20p extra per track… and you can upgrade those you’ve already bought for only that 20p difference.

    What’s more the album price stays the same!

    I wonder what the effect on the “Complete My Album” prices will be? Will you be able to complete to a DRM-free album from DRMed singles? If you upgrade the singles, will the Complete price be less?

    Very good news though – and for once I think Apple and EMI were right to pre-announce. It increases the chances of other labels joining by end of May (the independents are almost certain to).

  2. Andrew

    I have just this week placed all my CDs (approx 600 plus) in the loft. Everything has been painstakingly ripped to MP3 and my house has three Squeezeboxes, my car plays mp3 direct from SD cards, and I have an ipod. Cant think of a reason I ever now need to play a CD again…..except

    I still have a very nice Marantz CD player which I know I should put on ebay, but getting a mere 90 quid for it doesn’t seem enough compensation to know I can still listen to amazing CD quality… should I want to…

    …..should I want to go in the loft that should read.

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