Carol Singers

Possible Scrooge warning….

I’ve always loved this time of year (especially all the lights and decorations), but there’s a new trend that’s been annoying me this year – Carol Singers.

Not organised Carol Singers (I have no problem with them, especially as it’s usually for charity), but unaccompanied small children knocking on my door at night, singing a poor rendition of “We wish you a Merry Christmas”, and then looking puzzled when I say thank you and goodnight, and shut the door without giving them the money they’re obviously expecting.

I feel bad about doing this, but I’m not going to be party to encouraging them to knock on stranger’s doors at night, putting themselves at risk, and probably worrying some old people.

4 thoughts on “Carol Singers

  1. Andrew

    I agree with Stephen, try asking for all the verses of Good King Wenceslas

    Steven, interesting observations about the nuisances you have at the front door, any chance of hearing your thoughts on the army of cats that lurk at your patio doors trying to enter the CSDO offices?

  2. Steven Post author

    Andrew, I’ve managed to keep the army of cats out of my house, although I’m sure that were my guard to slip, a highly dangerous trained killer (of mice mostly) would breach my defensive perimeter.

    Lest anyone (other than Andrew) think I’ve lost my mind, a brief explanation is required.

    In the summer, Andrew was at my house, and asked if I ever opened my patio doors in the summer (I’m not famed for getting much fresh air, although I think my five mile run most days should count for something). Anyway, I said that I sometimes opened it, but didn’t leave it unattended in case a neighbourhood cat would wander in (there are several, and I’m not very good with animals, so I’d prefer not to have to remove a cat from my house). Apparently this was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever said, and still amuses Andrew several months later.

    Just to get some context of how strange Andrew can be, you can measure how close your friendship with Andrew is by how many cupboards in your house he inspects on a visit. He currently seems to feel comfortable with opening anything that interests him on the ground floor of my house, offering feedback on whatever he finds.

    Conversations with the best man at Andrew’s wedding, confirmed that I’m not the only person who regularly has the cupboard inspection experience. It’s kind of like having a cat that brings you dead mice as presents. You have to look beyond the gift itself, and appreciate that your cat wouldn’t reconstruct the set of a slasher movie on your kitchen floor for just anybody.

  3. Steven Post author

    Regarding the carol singers, the alternative carol is a good suggestion, and might be a more subtle way to make my point.

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