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Following a suggestion from a visitor, I’ve added RSS feeds for all reviews on, and They’re dynamically generated using PHP, so I’m crossing my fingers that over 80,000 new RSS feeds don’t bring my server to its knees.

As a bit of insurance, I’ve padded the ID part of the URL out to a fixed width, to make converting the dynamic feeds to a static directory tree easier. That’s my backup plan if server load is a problem. Ultimately even that might not be enough, but I’m going to be optimistic and see what happens.

Whilst implementing this, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Feed Icons. It’s great that there’s a standard icon set to use for displaying feeds, which is free to use. The icons have been liberally sprinkled around my sites.

2 thoughts on “Comments RSS Feeds

  1. Andrew

    Have you got an RSS feed for your latest reviews? Or at a manufacturer/model level, am I missing something?

  2. Steven Post author

    There’s an RSS feed of the latest reviews (see the frontpage in Firefox or IE7), but nothing at the model/manufacturer level yet. If the server copes with the comments RSS feeds OK, I’ll probably add feeds for manufacturer/model reviews and comments.

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