Coolwater Blackberry Boost

Just enjoying a bottle of this rather nice beverage.

It’s a still mineral water that tastes vaguely of blackberries (a much underrated fruit in my opinion). So far so good, but it’s also very low in calories, and is fortified with caffeine to help with those long coding sessions.

Purchased at my local ASDA, so I assume it’s available in ASDA branches across the UK.

5 thoughts on “Coolwater Blackberry Boost

  1. Bryan

    I have discovered its also available in my local Alldays in Cleethorpes. I first found it from a Spar when I was on holiday in Bridlington, but unfortunately my local Tesco didnt stock it and it took me a good while to track it down. As you can guess I am a big fan too, and I think I will definitely holiday in Bridlington next year, so that I can be sure to have a good supply whilst away. I do hope one day that they will do a loganberry version. If you like the idea as well, perhaps you could start a petition via your blog?

  2. Steven Post author

    Bryan, I’ve never actually tasted loganberries before, so I’m not sure if I’d buy a loganberry version. I’ll have to buy some loganberries to see what they’re like. A raspberry blackberry hybrid certainly sounds nice.

    I have noticed over the last month or so, that the blackberry coolwater seems to have acquired a stronger flavour. It’s definitely an improvement as far as I’m concerned. Not sure if this is related to the colour of the bottle tops? Older bottles seemed to have lilac coloured tops, but newer bottles have blue tops.

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  4. john cuthbert

    this drink is the dogs b…….s , before i came accross Boost i could only run 2 miles tops , now i can do 6 miles no sweat , bring it on .


  5. Steven Post author

    I’m not sure I could claim such miraculous properties for Blackberry Boost, but my cupboards are still full of the stuff.

    As an aside; since the original post, I’ve discovered that Aldi is another good source for Blackberry Boost, and they sell it cheaper than Asda.

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