Server Downtime

In order to replace a faulty disk in the server that runs and related sites, the server will be down for up to an hour at around 0:00 and 1:00 PST on Saturday 26th August (08:00 – 09:00 BST). This is the quietest time of the week for the site. Fortunately the server has a mirrored RAID array, so there should be no data loss, and I’ll be taking additional backups shortly before the disk change just to be extra sure.

Apologies in advance for the loss of service during the outage period.

One thought on “Server Downtime

  1. Steven Post author

    Bit of a problem. Somehow this work has been scheduled for today rather than tomorrow. I thought I was pretty clear about Saturday morning being the quietest time, but I have a bad feeling that person I talked to latched onto me saying “Midnight on Friday”, which is unfortunately a little ambiguous. Lesson learned – midnight can mean two different days to different people.

    I have a tested backup (it restored correctly onto my development server), but not quite as recent (a few days old) as I would have liked. Fingers crossed that the server will be back soon and the backup won’t be needed.

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