A sprinkling of small changes to Carsurvey.org

Not feeling too well at the moment (Hay Fever), so have spent the afternoon making a series of simple changes, mostly to make things more consistent across the site:

  • The new reviews and comments pages now use the new date formatting (minutes, hours, days, or weeks ago), rather than showing the database datetime stamp (which was pretty meaningless)
  • The various geographic new reviews and comments pages, along with the pages that display reviews by type, or comments by volume, have been changed to the full width layout currently used on the reviews and comments pages. This should make better use of the available space. The global new reviews and comments pages are unchanged
  • I’ve disabled the descriptive text that was present for some models. It hasn’t been updated for ages, and Wikipedia does a better job of documenting car model histories than I ever could. Better to not do something than do it badly.

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