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I’ve just read an interesting post over on TechCrunch about several new Web 2.0 Wine Sites.

Given that I killed off because of a lack of interest, I wonder whether these sites will do much better?

cork’d looks like it might have some momentum. It’s certainly got the Web 2.0 look and feel, and more reviews than I ever managed. I do like the tags for flavours (one of the best uses for tags I’ve ever seen), and Dan Cedeholm (I thoroughly recommend his books) is one of the guys behind cork’d, so the pedigree is good.

I do wonder if these sites will run into the problem I discovered – it’s hard to write a review of wine without drinking it, and not many people drink wine in front of their computer.

2 thoughts on “Wine Review Sites

  1. wine

    But overall, I like the site and the service. At the very least, its significantly more useful than the personalization options offered by Winespectator for a fee.

  2. Robert Lobel

    Might try “”. It’s relatively new and doesn’t have a large selection of reviews, but is a good site to springboard from.

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