The Death of

After several months of deliberation, I’ve finally got round to closing down Thanks to everyone for their support, especially those of you who took the time to write reviews.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the idea was fundamentally flawed. It’s very hard for most people to write a review of a wine without actually drinking it at the same time. And most people don’t sit in front of their computer drinking wine. Unfortunately this problem didn’t become obvious to me until I personally tried to write a review. After 5 months and only 18 reviews, didn’t seem to going anywhere fast (or slow for that matter).

All the links to have been removed from my other site, and the DNS entry will revert back to a Network Solutions default page within 24 hours or so.

Rest assured that my other sites aren’t under any threat. If WineSurvey had performed like my Motorcycle and Mobile Phone sites, it would be around for the longterm.

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