Study suggests that large monitors make you more productive has interesting article about a report on how large monitors increase your productivity. I couldn’t agree more.

I find my 20 inch iMac rather cramped these days, and much prefer the screen area of my 24 inch Dell 2405 (purchased when Dell had one of their crazy discounts in place). Next year, if my finances will stand it, I’ll be on the look out for a 30 inch display (a Dell probably, due to their frequent discounts). I’ve tried using dual displays, but nothing works as well for me as a single large monitor.

It still amazes me that lots of companies provide their employees with 17 inch CRTs, or 15 inch LCDs. Large monitors are so cheap these days, compared to the benefits they provide for anyone who works at a computer all day long.

2 thoughts on “Study suggests that large monitors make you more productive

  1. Mike R

    No kidding. At home, I got an LCD so I lugged my 24-inch CRT to work(yeah, it’s a monster). I get a lot more done on it than I did before, mostly due to the fact that everyone can see what I’m doing now!

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