Small changes to

I’ve just a made a set of small changes to (and the motorcycle, mobile phone, and wine sites). These changes are somewhat influenced by the current Web 2.0 fashion – cleaner pages with larger text.

  • I’ve increased the font size for both the breadcrumbs at the top of the page, and the title text for the main content. I’ve also increased the padding around these items. This is intended to make these important items more visible
  • I’ve removed a feature. The previous and next links at corners of the review pages are gone. I wasn’t using them personally, they cluttered up the page, and what they did wasn’t entirely clear to a casual visitor. They’re easy to restore if my instinct is wrong, so please complain if you miss them, but I’ll be surprised if I get many comments or e-mails
  • The summary at the top of each review and comments page is now quoted. In my view, this makes its purpose far more clear

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