Reveal – an Exposé like extension for Firefox

I’ve been doing most most of my daily computing on an iMac G5 since Spring 2005. One of the features of Mac OS X that I can’t do without is Exposé. It makes Alt-Tab and the Windows task bar seem like a waste of time.

There’s already been an effort to reproduce this functionality for Firefox tabs (foXpose) , but when I tried it, it just seemed a bit too different from Mac Exposé for me to be comfy with it.

There’s now a competitor in the shape of Reveal, which maps itself to the F2 key (Exposé uses F9), and it seems to be far more similar to Mac Exposé. I’m impressed so far, and it might make me finally start to use tabs (instead of multiple windows – much better for Exposé switching) and Firefox on the Mac (while Firefox was in the 1.0 versions, I switched to Camino and haven’t gone back.

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